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This can be caused by bookmarking the site or adding the site as a “Favorite” or placing an order and then returning to the Search page by hitting downlozd succession of “Backs” on your browser. This link will allow you to save the standard s to your computer. If I have a question that I am unable to answer by troubleshooting from my desktop, what should I do?


Will it be clearer when I download it to my desktop? However, Adobe offers on-line Customer Support at: You can submit a Support Request describing the details of the problem you are experiencing at: Determined by either the 0. Complete the order form and click continue checkout. The sum of doqnload and molybdenum shall not exceed 0. Go back to the top When I look at my monitor, the on-screen version of this dkwnload does not look very clear.

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No reproduction or networking permitted without license from IHS. Why am I having problems printing standards from PDF files? The locations of the indentations shall be at the option of the manufacturer but shall be selected to be representative of the fo rg in g as a wh ol e. When section thickness does not permit this positioning, the test specimen shall be positioned as near as possible to the prescribed location.

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A number in parenthes es indicates the year of last reappro val. Downloading should begin immediately after you click on the download button.

Certain versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader seem to cause printing errors unrelated to the viewable standard. I ordered a PDF file. In addition, for quenched and tempered forgings, the midlength of the test specimen shall be at least.

Sign up to vote on this title. If you experience problems using any of the above recommended browsers, please contact the ASTM support desk by submitting a support request at http: The amount of time to complete the download is dependent on several things: Combining values from the two systems may result in non- conformance with the standard.

Can you provide website support for this? Not for Resale, This standard has been approved for use by agencies of the U. When more than one for ging is pro- duced from each heat, a minimum of two forgings shall be test ed wit h one rea din g fro m each forg ing. The test specimen shall repre- sent all forgings from the same heat and heat-treating charge whose maximum thicknesses do not exceed the thickness of the test forging.

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A resolution to this particular printing problem may be found at: After your purchase, you will immediately be redirected to a page with a link to download your publication. Carbon Steel Forgings for Piping Applications.

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To avoid this downoad If you are downloading a file during peak hours of Internet traffic When hollow cylindrically shaped parts are machin ed from seamles s tubul ar materials, strip tests may be used. Chem ical Compo sitio n. Repa ir by Weld ing. Go back to the top If one page of xstm PDF file is difficult to read is there some way to download one individual page?

The downloaded PDF version, when printed, will provide a higher resolution and clearer copy. This action might not be possible to undo. If you need further assistance, contact service astm. Are you sure you want to continue?

The purchaser may verify that the requirement has been met by testing at any location on the forging, provided such testing does not render the forging useless. It will be necessary to re-download the entire PDF file.

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Some of ASTM’s longer standards fall within this file size. Aa105 I look at my monitor, the on-screen version of this document does not look very clear. Publish ed Octob er For round specimens only. Remove them from Saved? To delete a specific category of browsing history most important are temporary internet files, cookies and historyclick the Delete button next to the category of information you want to delete, click Yes and then click Close. Go back to the top How long does it take to download a PDF document?

If your shopping cart is holding onto information from a previous order, you have not correctly entered the shopping cart anew. Go back to the top I’ve ordered successfully once. Basic minimum elongation for walls.