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I would do each level for each individual domain or 50 different tests. If anyone needs information on this class just let me know. Some questions took up a half or a whole page. This book will enhance my knowledge cissp all-in-one exam guide 6th edition by shon harris pdf download the field of Systems Archetecture, including: We made sure that we woke up 2 hours before the exam and we were ready to go when the doors opened a half hour before the instructions were given. Like most people I failed… By 4 points.

I sure could have missed 75 questions! Now, be pissed, take a breath and start to create plan B. If not the downloda time then the next.

I know you are living in this, but as you take the test step back just a bit, breathe, breathe again and then dive in. What exxam you do differently? I just got an email notice yesterday, and unfortunatilly I got a score of and Cizsp did not passed it.

So walking out feeling uncomfortable is very good! I found out that if I restudy and keep focus on the 5 below knowledge areas, at which I achieved eaxm on below my previous score, I will definitally pass it on the next try.

CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, 7th Edition

So I started studying again. Email me with any questions if I can help. Some overlap of course but the hours are still there. Hang in there brotha! Good luck and please let me know when you pass! Unfortunately I had the right exam. Next is your resume and someone to endorse you.

CISSP Preparation practice exam software « Inch Deep, Mile Wide

I will start studying next again week all-i-one will only studying my weakest domain which is telecom network and will take it again. MOST of the questions I was able to cross off 2 of the 4 answers and make a pretty good decision about the final answer-as in I felt pretty good about the answer I picked.

The questions are weighted so that is not completely accurate. They are pretty good questions, but nowhere near the difficulty level of the real exam. Fill in your details below doanload click an icon to log in: If not, I will continue on and take it again.

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So here I am with the Exam 3 weeks away and a year away from the first time I took it. My brain started to shut down after question so I chugged down a tea and the caffeine 6rh me through to the rest of the test. And a few others.

I went through 3 pencils that they provided. This all-ij-one is going to drive me mad. My exam score reported on Jume 10,and as I mentioned before, I did not pass it, I remember Igot a score of So, I failed not expecting too.

Well then you are in good company. I would eliminate 2 choices at cownload, and then I would take too long to make a choice between the remaining two. This entry was posted on December 18, at 4: Thank you SO much for sharing your story.

Thanks for stopping by DK. The good news is that I felt much better this time, most of the questions Xhon was able to get it down to 2 possible answers.

This simple site has gotten a whole lot of hits in a short period of time! There are two stacks of paper. My co-worker keeps asking if I think I got 75 questions wrong-that is about how many you can miss and still pass. Enter your email address to subscribe to editio blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Maybe the only easy question on the test.

I read the entire Shon Harris book and the class material. In addition to the freepracticetest. What a great response! At this point I felt extremely frustrated, I know the material, I was doing great on practice tests, but just like that, it felt like it was all harrus nothing.