I can see video in Yahoo messenger, but nothing in Skype, if that’s a clue. This one seems a little more difficult. V4L2 device registered as video0 usbcore: Installation works the same way as described above. Just wanted to say thanks!!

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When I boot I get the following This blog only covers the DC60 under LInux. MPlayer svn r Ubuntubuilt easycap syntek stk1160 gcc Just hook it up, set a few options, and you can do what may have been difficult in Windows much easier in Linux.

Please read this information on Ezequiel Easycap syntek stk1160 github. I easycap syntek stk1160 an EasyCap Syntek on amazon but they sent me a different capture card that looks just like that. But in the end, I think, this will provide more flexibility and better results. This article covers all the tunerless USB 2. D This is the link to buy it http: I’m also using Ubuntu DriverGuide maintains an extensive archive of Windows drivers available for free download.

Enrico Pavia February 14, at 2: This is the camera I have. Log in or sign up in seconds. Andrew Schalk September 16, at 6: Hi, I see you’re trying to compile the driver on your raspberry pi. If you easycap syntek stk1160 using an NTSC camera, you may need to use an alternative viewer app.

EasyCap DC60 (STK1160) + VLC + Xubuntu 13.10 = OpenSource Video Capture!!

easycap syntek stk1160 I do not have any arm device. Andrew Schalk May 16, at 3: Stk160 sound card is called stkmixer. You may notice lines in your capture image, which is referred to as Interlacing. V4L2 device registered as video0 usbcore: This page was last modified on 16 Januaryat Posted by Andrew Schalk easycap syntek stk1160 1: The following were used in this tutorial: For SMI based devices exists a proceeding Linux-driver project: I can see video in mplayer, camorama, and few other tools.

Adding support for the 8 bit ADC in the stk chip is planned in the future. I can’t seen to get it to work.

When you read this you eayscap post here or send to me as email the output of dmesg directly after plugging in easycap syntek stk1160 two stk devices. Srix October 5, at 2: Hi, I also complied the driver by apt-get installing the Kirkwood headers, and then issuing a modprobe stk No need for bundled software, hunting around for drivers, executing complicated scripts, compiling, or fiddling with software easycap syntek stk1160 has not been supported in years.

EasyCap DC60 (STK) + VLC + Xubuntu = OpenSource Video Capture!!

As you say, it is built into the kernel now and we enable by some flags. So I guess I don’t have to bother blacklisting easycap module. Although the driver is tested on Ubuntu, you do the installation at your own risk! Please be patient, your comment will be published as soon as I’m checking my mailbox next time.

Therefore, I suppose, the stk easycap syntek stk1160 cannot access the audio part of the STK device easycap syntek stk1160 tells us: Win 7 x64 File Size: These programs are known to be useful for analogue audio- and videocapturing with Easycap syntek stk1160 based and similar devices.

The great improvements compared to the easycapdriver are: After you have found the right Syntek device driver, follow these simple instructions to install it. Syntek Semiconductor [ 4.

Syntek EASYCAP DC60 – STK1160 CHIPSET Free Driver Download

In the viewing- or capturing program you must then select the ‘Controlle’ soundcard or its number to hear sound! So easycap syntek stk1160 should work even on most systems which have the 3. To apply Deinterlacing, as well as set the default recording folder, go syyntek Tools and then Preferences, Video option on the leftselect the Accelerted Video Input and, in the Output drop-down menus, select Deinterlacing On, and Under Mode, pick easycap syntek stk1160 setting that suits your tastes, but know that it will not be applied until you hit Save.

UVC devices are in general easier to get up and running. If you’re using Windows, you must look for more information elsewhere on the web.