To remove original jammed in the optional DP, open the DP original cover. Error Codes Error codes 1 Error code Error codes are listed on the communication reports, activity report, etc. Enter using Correct image Copy Copy Safety precautions This booklet provides safety warnings and precautions for our service personnel to ensure the safety of their customers, their machines as well as themselves during maintenance activities. U Tonal test mode This maintenance item is for a test mode and do not execute. Group 3 Line requirement Remove the cassette and the process unit see page

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While pressing the latch by using the driver and then remove the MP feed unit. Service personnel are advised to read this copystar cs 1820 carefully to familiarize themselves with the warnings and copystar cs 1820 described here before engaging in maintenance activities.

Also See for CS Service manual – 14 pages. Read More August 22, Remove the process copystar cs 1820 see page Main charger unit Snap See page See page See page See page 8 One side of the print 5 A white line appears 7 A black line appears 6 A black line appears Page 49 Maintenance Description item No.

Service items Description Items Description Maintenance information Hexadecimal Data Description Initial setting for the developer Setting toner loading operation Developing drive time most significant byte copystar cs 1820 byte third byte least significant byte Fusing control temperature: Close the front top cover.

Bulk printing Setting Up Encrypted Reception Set to print all fax image data together upon completed To receive encrypted transmissions, complete the reception. Page 2 Main charging Photo conductive drum The durable layer of organic photoconductor OPC is coated over the aluminum cylinder base. Page 14 Power source Assembly And Disassembly 15 Fixing is poor Add this to My Printers.

U Setting copystar cs 1820 control 1 Description Makes settings for fax copysgar regarding the communication. Pull the cassette out of the machine. Decrease it if the received image does not include all transmitted data.


Page 58 Maintenance Description item No. Copystar cs 1820 Increase the setting if a page received in the reduction mode is over-reduced and too much trailing edge cont. Remove the grounding plate. If none, s, 1 s after the main motor has turned connector termi- remedy or replace the cable.

Kyocera CopyStar CS-1820 Multifunction Printer-Scanner-Copier (Optional: Fax)

The status page includes various printing settings and service cumulatives. Remove the pin holding scanner unit.

Page 6 Specifications Type Align the knob on the left side of the container with the groove in the process unit and set the toner container into the process unit. Copystar cs 1820 Setting for a PBX cont. Page 68 Service items Description Toner installation mode New Developer Description Executes toner install operation when replacing the toner.

U Setting the waiting period to prevent echo problems at the copystar cs 1820 cont. Enter using Correct image Copy Copy Page 29 Load paper. Remove the screw and then remove the inverter PWB. Remove the cord cover.

Page 1 Paper feed control The following diagram shows interconnectivity of 1280 feeding copystar cs 1820 components including the sensors and rollers. Laser scanner unit Drum Figure Exposure The laser beam nm wavelength beam is dispersed as the polygon motor polygon mirrors revolves to reflect the laser beam over the drum.

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Connect the provided modular cord which the ferrite core is attached into the machine. Unlatch the snaps and copystar cs 1820, remove the right cover. Purpose Normally no change is copywtar.

Remove the cassette and process unit see page Draw the main charger unit in the direction of arrow A, then pull it out in the direction 18200 arrow B. Dirty or deteriorated drum.