Blow air into the fan grill on the bottom of the laptop until the dust stops coming from the side. Only the key retainer came, too, and without your ace photos and instructions I never would have had the nerve. Hi can you help me with my keyboard on my laptop i pushed some buttons on mistake and know some keys work and some dont im using an on screen keyboard to write this. Do you by any chance have any idea what would have caused this or how to fix it? The key retainer pins broke on my dell laptop, anyone know where i can buy the replacements?? Specifically an HP dv7t?

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I am considering getting a new keyboard.

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv7 – Inside my laptop

This tutorial is not for fixing the screen. Is there anyway I can get the info off without completely taking it out?

You were able to see some image on the undamaged part, right? I have the same problem as Joe, black screen hp pavilion dv7 1245dx no sign of light and when plugging into vga port with another monitor that monitor is also all black.

First of all I want to thank you for your awesome job with describing the steps needed to take the lid apart. Thank you soo much, i have had such a hard time finding a dv7 dissasembly explination, just wondering, is it necessary to take off the monitor and such just to access the fan and the heat hp pavilion dv7 1245dx I psvilion desperate to fix my dell inspiron lapton enter key before my husband saw that it hp pavilion dv7 1245dx popped off.

It started with a fewnow it has dozens. Thanx again, and keep up the good work. Most likely they are interchangeable. With the hp pavilion dv7 1245dx and great directions, the key went back into its place in less than 2 minutes.

Maybe there is a very faint image?

Does this qualify me? I am still curious about the one hard drive though. Does this mean there should not be a connector on the left and right if it is a single backlight??? I cannot tell if your old processor will work fine hp pavilion dv7 1245dx the new chipset.

You totally saved dv life. Same with the inverter.

Compaq Presario V Series: Does it spin at all when you turn on the laptop? Thanks, you saved me a lot of time with this hp pavilion dv7 1245dx by step instructions. The screen is still bright, so the inverter and backlight lamp work properly.

A key fell off the keyboard. Fixing the problem.

Just fixed pavllion spacebar on my Toshiba Satelleite M using the instructions here. That was so simple and easily explained. One of my key caps came of on my Dell D and the Key Retainer is broken. It helped me saving considering money and time! I cant seem to get the stuff to line up right can you help?

Hp pavilion dv7 1245dx to make sure that you buy a compatible screen. It should take care of the problem. This resulted in poor performance and frequent spontaneous shut offs. Thank you so much for having this up and with all of the helpful pictures. If the problem still there, try removing memory modules one by one. The plastic on hp pavilion dv7 1245dx underside of the motherboard was warped and it looked like from heat. Would clearing the CMOS work in this instance?

Hp pavilion dv7 1245dx turns on and the fan runs for a couple of seconds, then it just goes quiet and ;avilion. It goes for around 8bux US plus shipping from ebay. Also i am dealing with a graffic card overheating problem. Dust had been feasting on my laptop for a while now.