When I run through the troubleshooting this is the only issue that returns as present: When I right-click on the sound icon and click on playback devices none are listed. Enter only the model number of your product for a better result. HP laptops are very common here for power jack repair. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! And brought it back to Office Depot techs, but they were baffled too.

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How to Fix No Sound on Windows 10 – Driver Easy

If the sound works on skype for windows 8. My hp g60-443cl was working this morning now their dead. I purchased to pro version and still have no sound. God bless you man. When I run through the troubleshooting this is the only issue that returns as present:. Hi Josie Frere, I am glad that it helps.

Hp g60-443cl simplest way to check if this hp g60-443cl what has happened is to uninstall your audio driver: I have installed win 10 on my dell inspiron several times and have lost sound every time.

The program that connects to the internal speaker was deleted. Uninstalling the driver and restarting computer worked for me. Same problem after upgrading from Win 7 Ultimate to Win 10 Pro on a toshiba satellite hhp Changing Y60-443cl memory from 0 to worked after rebooting.

Any models listed below may also use Jack 15, depending on what the factory had available during manufacturing! Honestly, the quality of software jp has gone down so much since Indian engineers got involved. I have tried every update g60-44c3l and re-wiped my drive 3 times now and cant ph the hidden updates that are creating the problem. Look up comments by recent not most popular….

I can actually hear hp g60-443cl tiny bit of muffled sound when I use the test button, but I have really good hearing. I feel your pain. God bless you and keep you. Nothing worked hp g60-443cl either…. This Jack is for use with AC adapter tips that hp g60-443cl 4. Ryan, bp for sharing this tip! Sound worked fine after upgrading to Windows 10 for several hp g60-443cl, then hp g60-443cl of a sudden no sound.

G60-443lc you hp g60-443cl send the information using Driver Easy Feedback feature. Thought for a moment all was lost as its Friday night and I wanted to watch some movies on m laptop.

I will check it out. Regarding the no audio output device is installed issue, you can go to the link below for the fixes.

Bob K see if your issue is that it keeps switching your app from a default setting to a new app MS wants instead of what your settings desire for instance in my case it kept setting my default hp g60-443cl setting to GROOVE…see my new post up there. I updated Hp g60-443cl today and upon restarting so sound. Full sweet, uninstalled and re-installed ten times now.

Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

I tried everything on this page hp g60-443cl I have sound through the headphones but not the speakers. Time will tell if it sticks. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! No hp g60-443cl work on it.

Microsoft is the worst anymore. I hate that windows 10 and Edge have new programs for music, movies and photos now.

After clicking into the speaker properties, I noticed the tv was hp g60-443cl as the default. In addition any video I tried to play on youtube, vimeo, etc. It was hp g60-443cl fine before the Windows update yesterday. It helped me solve the problem.

I accidentally fixed my issue this way thank god. Hope this will help.

g60-443vl By Camilla Mo hp g60-443cl Last Updated: He would like Windows 8 back but unfortunately, Microsoft blocked the sound on Skype therefore, it would be no good to revert back to Windows hp g60-443cl. You can also leave your comment again so we could help you resolve the problem. What did you do to fix the problem?

Thanks worked well, worked on the third step Updating. Your comment may help others as well. My laptop is Lenovo ideapad SP with Windows 10 installed.

Restarted computer and got no sound again, so ran msconfig again and reverted the previous change by clearing the memory value of This page is long but you can scroll down to view hp g60-443cl of our products! Click on Stop if Start is hp g60-443cl out. Why oh why would Windows default to tinny sounding monitor screens for sound when I have a cheap but very effective stereo speakers?

I was about to become that producer without hp g60-443cl sound working laptop. So if I completely reinstall the driver from the manufacturer I get sound back, up until it hibernates. I found a solution for no sound on my computer see thread! When I run hp g60-443cl the hp g60-443cl this is the only issue that returns as present: If your Speakers are NOT already set as the default, this is doubtless your problem.