So it works good for a while and wears out fast OR you add something and it cannot handle it OR it burns something out and cannot keep the power levels it used to have. Before I go out and buy a new PSU anyone else get this problem and knows how to fix it? Mine seems to charge just fine. February 25, at The Blinking Amber Light of Death is a documented problem.

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Lane Ann Livermore Gary M. Leads me to think it might be a device or driver, but all the drivers seemed to check out. May compaq sr5130nx I have to purchase new one and check is this battery problem or compaq sr5130nx.

Please can some one help?

Compaq Presario

I have tried all your suggestions but to no avail. Make sure that when doing so, you do not touch the contacts compaq sr5130nx edge.

I posted the Powered USB trick previously. Not sure if I need a new battery. I turned copmaq on, compaq sr5130nx compa months, and 10 mins later it turned off. Once it dies, I press the button again and it starts right up. A quick squirt of heat transfer compound and a careful re-assembly and the beauty burst back into life. I installed the original compaq sr5130nx card compaq sr5130nx came with the machine and we are back in business. Hard to believe, but we independently went the same steps. My thanks to, John.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

I hope this helps! Hi, I have a dell gx with the same problem, the orange power light is blinking I did everything but still the power light is still blinking until I get the power supply then switch the volts in then there is a short circuit happened.

It was the processor. February 29, at The hard drive light compaq sr5130nx only blink once for a split second and then compaq sr5130nx off for good. Compaq sr5130nx 17, at 5: I never had this problem before Sr5130x have shutdown and rebooted before, but never left it off for that many days. Cokpaq a related tip for others that might find this page…I had the same power light issue on a Dell Dimension desktop: I plugged already the charger but still no lights appear.

I inspected the Optiplex GX and finally found an compaq sr5130nx. With the other issues abovedoes the error light come on the second you plug in the computer?

Compaq Presario – Wikipedia

Thanks for the help! The motherboard I used was from a The only oddity I found was that I tried it unsuccessfully before disconnecting and reconnecting the power-to-motherboard cable a third time before the PC compaq sr5130nx.

After unplugging the hub, all is well. I then removed all components included compaq sr5130nx CPU, and the computer started. I have a problem. Compqq pressure mechanism and pull out and reseat processor. It had bent pins and the tab that compaq sr5130nx the pins was gone.

Slapped in a four dollar battery and the clouds parted the sun shined and singing songbirds danced around me. All of them had a split lower bezel which ran down the middle, compaq sr5130nx like the towers they were meant to match.

September 2, at 7: I have checked absolutely everything on this site, picked it apart with a fine toothed comb, and still this light. Try compaq sr5130nx fix or replace a power supply.

Many visitors have provided additional solution ideas in the comments section below. I looked at the USB ports, and they compaqq ok except for a little compaq sr5130nx. No voodoo, no magic unplug sequence first keyboard, then…mouse?