Sunspot – Today, We we’re looking at a Canon eos 2ti bundle at Sam’s club, decent price. This is not to say you can’t get good results for DSO imaging with the NexStar setup but you will be limited to a degree. Canon are the favoured brand for astro-imaging and there is a lot of support for them on the web. You currently have javascript disabled. I was amazed by the results.

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If you do go down the DSLR philips spc880, don’t bother getting either a modified camera for astrophotography use or indeed get your DSLR subsequently modified – unless ohilips intend to do a lot of deep-sky imaging in which case the NexStar mount isn’t suitable and you’ll need to factor in the expense of a polar-aligned GEM mount.

Is Astro-Physics going to release the philips spc880 Stowaway?

photography with a 6se-help?! – Celestron NexStar – Cloudy Nights

We we’re looking at a Canon eos 2ti bundle at Sam’s club, decent price. The only drawback with an unmodified camera, is that some of the reds that can be captured in nebulae won’t be as vivid.

Philips spc880 can always help out more philips spc880 we can talk directly to the person with the questions. I kinda knew he’d want to to ap, even with the limited capabilities of the nexstar, it’s always been an interest of his.

photography with a 6se-help?!

The firmware is easily up-gradeable on a Windows XP not Vista or Win 7 computer or Morgans will do it for you for a small fee.

The Moon is often available for “shooting” its very detailed surface features and certainly Saturn is now on the rise to give a philips spc880 tempting object throughout the Summer months!

I can personally testify that an unmodified DSLR will function perfectly well in capturing many DSOs but as stated, because of the mount and thus the field rotation philips spc880 will induce, you will be restricted to short exposure times and thus the brighter ones. Going back to the potential purchase philips spc880 a DSLR ; if hubby wishes to use it for both astro-imaging and normal terrestrial photography, then I would not recommend any modification to it i.

Fly2High – Today, Sign In Philips spc880 an account? A more appropriate item, at higher cost of course, is the Celestron item. I’m sure others will philips spc880 along shortly with tons of philips spc880 good advice. Canon are the favoured brand for astro-imaging and there is a lot of support for them on the web.

The downside of the webcam spc8800 even though it costs about one-tenth as much as the DSLR route is that as well as the telescope, you will need a philips spc880 outside to connect philips spc880 webcam to!

When it’s complete then take the camera indoors and download the photos to your computer. Seems the go-to fork could be attached to this and polar alignment properly obtained, then do the alignment procedure for the 6se and philips spc880 it running, to take some longer exposures.

The camera however is very perceptive!

I philips spc880 I need longer exposures so upgrade to a CG5 equitorial mount. Hydrogen alpha to be used but will cause colour problems when carrying out terrestrial imaging. Whilst minimising many sources of vibration, this does nothing to stop any vibrations induced by the shutter curtains opening and closing. You’ll probably want a kit with lens and card since you’re philips spc880 to use it as a real DSLR.

I would recommend going to this web site and purchased one of Jerry’s excellent books on CD regarding astrophotography: Phioips, given that, you can do 3 types of photography: Okay, some clarifications on my part.

You have to be handy with a fine soldering iron and fine cutters however if you attempt this mod yourself. Posted 11 May – This would be the best way philips spc880 to later splurge on T-Adapters, and other tracking aids like Equatorial mounts or wedges.

Remember me This phklips not philips spc880 for philips spc880 computers.

If you are more advanced, I would recommend checking out the philips spc880 for a modified DSLR spc80, one that has had the IR filter modification.

If not, get a Celestron piggyback bracket and a 50mm 1. But if it philips spc880 also work well for ap, albeit limited ap with the nexstar, that would be nice bonus.

Those are the best choices new. Sunspot – Today, You philipz at very least be able double your exposure time maybe more depending on your mount tracking philips spc880.

Did anybody suggest piggybacking to you?

Or would it be too error prone? I had a 6SE and decided to try AP. Philips spc880, further processing may be carried out via “GIMP”, a freeware processing program which you might philips spc880 to downloador alternatively, there is the purchaseable “Photoshop”, which ranks among the best. Finally though, and as Tim advised, why not start by making inroads into the subject with a Neximage webcam? And the results can be fun, but philip be far from professional.

A quick Google search will point you in the right direction if you are not UK based.