Usually we replace the fan in this case. Is there any chance that carefully peeling back one of the really fine ribbon cables at the top of the screen which attaches to the circuit board and the glass of the LCD screen itself and then repasting it back on might fix this dead line of pixels? This forum has saved me some frustration. Could the video card do this? The final step would be replacing the motherboard, nothing else left. Please share you knowledge if you know how to fix this problem without replacing the systemboard. If I invest in a new motherboard, what are the odds this happens again in another year?

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External monitor works fine so tsohiba likely the motherboard is fine. I think my Toshiba M45 Satellite is overheating. Then there has to be something wrong with the video card integrated into the motherboard.

I had it on working over the weekend using an external monitor and it works perfectly. Do you think that the onboard video chip is broken?

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

In that moment, the laptop still works because the image for example a screen saver stiil shows on the external display. I opened the panel and toshiba m35x s111 my computer again. Hi Joe, I have never seen this problem before, not a clue. Sorry to hear that. Is it possible that hte battery is dead or is it just not making conductive toshiba m35x s111 with the motherboard tlshiba charge it?

Can you see if both fans spin? The optimized usage of the tooshiba is fully charging it and discharging it from time to time.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

Is worth to take it toshiba m35x s111 again, this time with a can and blow all the dust away toshiba m35x s111 the sink? When I powered up the notebook, with the display in my hands, I found that the screen was blank, just the backlight was on. Usually the keyboard comes back s111 not the touchpad.

At the same time a thin vertical line appeared toward the middle of the screen. One side of the card slides along the bottom side m35s the LCD mask and toshiba m35x s111 side along the metal frame of the screen not the screen itself. If you give the back of the screen a light tap, it will return to normal.

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

I discovered a test that lets you play with the individual red, green, and blue colors, by using sliders to increase toshiba m35x s111 decrease each individually, showing the individual color intensity in separate boxes, and the combined color in another box. I think you might have a bad screen, because the problem you described sounds like a toshiba m35x s111 related issue. This adapter has the same output 19V Having read about others CPU problems during reassembly, Id rather not pull the heat sink off.

Satellite A75 fan has 2 fans and 2 connectors. Hi, I have an AS laptop and it overheats after 10 minutes and turns off. The booting up problem existed before I cleaned out toshiba m35x s111 heatsink. Just bought a Toshiba MS 3 wks ago.

I have an interensting situation.

I removed the extra memory, no help. Thank you though for your reply I hope this will help other Toshiba users in the future! Hope you can help me. If z111 background is a light color it almost disappears.

Fixed the laptop toshiba m35x s111 replacing the fan. A small magnet is located somewhere inside the display panel and when you close the lid, it activates the switch located somewhere under the palm rest or toshibw top cover.

Moose, That is very strange. In both cases this problem is toshiba m35x s111 to the LCD screen, witch means the screen has to be replaced.

The wavy ness is pretty much toshiba m35x s111 but no blacks color distortion and a blue tint remaiins… any ideas? If you have some dust inside the heatsink, it will go away through the openings on the side.

Right click on the desktop and then go to properties. Unfortunately, the problem remained and got worst. Brandon, You cannot fix a dead pixel. It might be a software problem. It could be 2 minutes or I reseated all toshiba m35x s111 cables, and to no avail.

I just tried replcing the LCD cable and nothing chaned. I have the problem you illustrate in example 6: