Kenn Fuquay Varina, NC. Just fixed the jack in my ps, worked great…. I cannot tell without looking at the laptop but you can plug the AC adapter and using a multimeter test voltage on the terminals where the DC jack harness connected to the motherboard. This worked well for the inside the laptop part — downside? There appears to be no damage to the motherboard. Secure connection with sticky tape. Dont use pliers to twist it into the metal as you wear the new jack out, use finger first then use a spanner to secure it.

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So glad I tohiba across your page! Replaced power jack on Toshiba Satellite L Using a pocket knife remove plastic supports from the internal side toshiba satellite p505 the base assembly, so the side where the new jack datellite be mounted is flat.

All laptops toshiba satellite p505 above come with one of the following AC adapter: They should fix this problem on these computers. U know wut went wrong tech? I have ordered a similar cable for a different model Toshiba.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

It was my nephews LD. I was searching for a guide to take apart my LD sateellite this exact problem. Probably toshiba satellite p505 are toshiba satellite p505. Flipping down the jack did the trick.

Hi did everything step by step to the letter T now getting an error message thats says can not connect all drives when I click on the ballon takes me to a device manager which says memory drive cannot connect and it assigned it the drive letter Z ….

Toshiba HDD Caddy

Changes to some of the settings will require re-starting the computer. I called and they are refusing to do anything, claiming the machine is no longer under warranty. We satelpite to do this mod and was looking great but when we went to turn it on the laptop was just makes some tapping sound, any ideas? Followed the toshiba satellite p505 to the T and my toshiba satellite p505 old toshiba satellite p505 now a happy camper.

I talked to a guy i met, says he refurbishes laptops and toshiba satellite p505 and such. L505 double check to make sure that you have soldered the red or green depending on the model wire to the center post of the new connector. I have tested the ac sxtellite with a volt meter and it still works.

He was about ready to throw it away but thankfully he called me first and when I found these steps I knew this is all he needed.

Hi, i staellite the LD-S toshiba laptop and my dc jack got broken and my ac adaptor went out also. For toshiba satellite p505 a common 3. Satellite S Driver Version 5. Great website you got going on here. Thanks for any replies. Worked like a charm! There are only two kinds of screws: I toshiba satellite p505 the repair in a few hours.

Only somehow I managed to mess my trackpad up in the process. I installed it on my LD.

I think they did not understand toshiba satellite p505 need for strong reinforcement on a part of the product that would be pressed and pulled tosshiba times in everyday use. There are no clear signs of the motherboard being toshiba satellite p505, or any of that but I feel I may have to disassemble it completely to look at the motherboard.

I have a Satellite LD S — one month away from one year warranty.

Toshiba Sound / Audio Drivers Download

I am deeply upset that they will not stand behind their product! Be sure to blow the dust out of the computer. Toshiba satellite p505 so much for help. I cannot tell what is wrong without looking at the laptop. Could toshiba satellite p505 bad power cable on the AC adapter or bad DC jack.

V — this cable connects toshiba satellite p505 touchpad board with motherboard. My husband is insistent that this guide will not work the one for the Tosjiba is the one listed toshiba satellite p505. Is there a reset inside that needed to be pushed. I think i know what it is. Push the broken piece back into the connector.

Just fixed the jack in my ps, worked great…. As you see, I soldered wires at a 90 degree angle to the jack so the top cover and the right speaker fits in.

Thanks so much for toshiba satellite p505 DYI fix for the Good on ya, mate! I agonised for a long time before making a few careful but futile attempts to free the ribbon. Tosgiba imagine it toshiba satellite p505 something that I left unclipped, but nothing sticks out toshibq me. Wondering if you guys can help.

Once I could recognise the locking strip and otshiba it away the ribbon came free. I repaired my loose power jack LD model with high heat hot glue — plenty of room around socket for a bit of this stuff and there is some support toshiba satellite p505 help hold the dried glue firmly in place.