On the one hand the display is bright enough and has an excellent distribution of brightness , but its weak points are the contrast ratio and the very limited vantage points. Call HP and ask what they charge for a replacement board – and the chances that you’ll need it are pretty good, too – much higher than with your Dell. This leads to warm colors. Like the Lenovo V, the XPS M offers a feature set that’s a cut above that of most ultraportables, which usually sacrifice some features for portability. To that end what can I do to extend the lifespan of this obviously flawed video subsystem as much as possible? Stylishly finished in silver and black, with apparently good build quality, the XPS M looks unlike any other Dell laptop currently available, certainly not as brash as its big brother, the XPS M Because of the mAh 9-cells battery the M has a long battery runtime.

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It boasts the most powerful GPU and CPU available for the ultraportable family combined with great features nvidi the integrated webcam and microphone, MediaDirect, dual headphone jacks, Wi-Fi Catcher, and more.

Don’t like the “chrome” buttons and the trimming around the trackpad. All those you are familiar with Dell’s XPS serieswill quickly find similarities of this notebook’s design to its bigger counterparts. Left side ports view view large image.

I mean, a piece of sh. Here is the M on the right flushed against the Lenovo V Please, switch off ad blockers.

Gamers are especially pleased by the good 3D performance. Although branded as a multimedia machine, the loudspeakers will leave a bitter taste in your mouth and Dell could have mounted something better on this machine.

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Smallish gig hard drive. This website uses cookies. I was astounded at the sound the M provided.

Although the XPS M isn’t as svelte as most of the nvivia Vertically,one can observe heavy dimouts or a heavy vell. All of dell xps m1210 nvidia buttons on the M have a nice feel and are not cheap feeling.

The charge indicator works whether the laptop is powered on or not. Therefore, it is recommended to put the notebook into a separate bag, if it is transported, in order to prevent penetration of foreign bodies.

Even with nfidia nine-cell Wh battery, the unit weighs dell xps m1210 nvidia mere 5 pounds. Posted November 17, During office or WLAN operation we measured most of the time Three-plus hours of battery life.

The maximum resolution is x pixels.

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Again, if you had integrated dell xps m1210 nvidia heat would be even less of an issue, if one at xos. On nvisia plane or in the back of a car you could fire up a movie and watch it with your fellow passenger each using your own headphones.

At the begining i thought it was a driver or vista problem, but then i installed windows 7, and also installed the driver. You can change your settings at any time.

Review Dell XPS M1210 Notebook

Can you post a NERD nvidla pls? Although the previous poster offered what I thought was a reasonable response you still want to repair.

The noise emissions as well as the surface temperature are acceptable. The premise behind this victory has been to offer cutting-edge gaming machines dell xps m1210 nvidia a reasonable price. Horizontal viewing angles are quite good, you can be off to the side and still see the screen quite well.

Dell XPS M1210

Pop the black top on this mini Media Center notebook, and you’re greeted with a dazzling gray-and-silver color scheme. AMK May dell xps m1210 nvidia, at 7: Fan noise is bearable, unlike most other “ultraportables”Stays cool! Nvidia shows defect lines while Winning eleven scrolls.