I thought this was worth mentioning since more and more consumer notebooks from other companies seem to have loose batteries. Techradar High-end components and good quality, but is it enough to better its rivals? The M51A is a budget laptop, offering one of the best specifications we have seen for the price. The fan remained on most of the time when the notebook was plugged in and turned on frequently while the notebook was on battery power. A lot has changed on the notebook market since the appearance of the new graphics card series by nVIDIA. These buttons are nice, but there are no dedicated media buttons on the M51 series notebooks. Clearly the 6-cell battery will provide enough power short term use, but most consumers will find this battery life to be unacceptable while traveling.

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Dell XPS M 2.

While battery life is less than ideal, the sheer raw power of this notebook srries it ideal for anyone needing a quality, and affordable, powerhouse machine. We show the least amount of ads possible.

Asus M51 Review

This weight is representative ssries typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal. Techradar Asus m51v series more, even the Hybrid CrossfireX graphics are a let down. The cores are still based on the old K8 architecture memory controller is newer.

The Radeon HD GPU is weak for a discrete chip, making the complication and expense of the hybrid setup rather redundant.

m51va | ASUS Global

On the plus side the M51 owners can look forward to a free laptop bag and Asus m51v series optical mouse. In the end, if you can live with the lower resolution of the screen and cheap plastics the Asus M51 is an impressive notebook with more than enough power and features for most users.

There is a reasonable selection of ports on the Asus m51v series with just about every port the average wsus is likely to need or want on a inch notebook. Asus has made a reputation for itself recently with its impressive range of netbooks, but it also produces entry-level, mid-range and high-end laptops.

We found it loaded and ran quickly and the large keyboard means you can type in comfort. This website uses cookies. One other item of note regarding the battery is that the 6-cell battery did not fit snug inside the asus m51v series when locked asuus place.

ASUS M51V CLEARANCE Extreme Power In Stock

The M51 lid uses a latch to hold it closed, but the hinge seriies works well and firmly holds the lid in place. Asus has clearly risen to the challenge of creating an attractive general use sreies in an attempt to attract a wide range of consumer laptop shoppers.

Additionally, the GB hard drive in the M51 is more storage than most consumers are likely to need in a laptop. The Asus M51 is a nice consumer notebook with good performance, decent port selection, asus m51v series a solid graphics card option for gaming. Griffin based asus m51v series dual core processor.

Still, there is considerable flex across the entire keyboard surface. For high end gamer asus m51v series performance could be not sufficient for class 1 graphic cards. Likewise both vertical viewing angles were good or average.

Asus m51v series the 3DMark 06 benchmark suggests, the Nvidia M GS offers a considerable performance boost over previous generation Nvidia cards. In the smartphone sector, Asus is not seires the Top 5 and has only a small market share as of We gave the M51 an in-depth review to see what makes this laptop worth a second look.

The M51 runs extremely quiet and in general pretty cool to the touch. Visit our network of sites: The overall chassis design is a combination of smooth, rounded lines on the top and sharp angles on the bottom. There is, of course, a headphone jack located on the front asus m51v series of the asus m51v series for people who like to plug in earbuds or external speakers.

Lenovo ThinkPad X61 2.

ASUS M51 Series

Techradar High-end components and good quality, but is it enough to better its rivals? Dell Inspiron 2. There was a fair amount of warmth coming from the asus m51v series of the notebook near the main heat sink and exhaust.

A lot has changed on the notebook market since the appearance of the new graphics card series by nVIDIA. One minor issue I want to mention is that Asus recently began their “HD Vision” promotion on asus m51v series laptops.