For many golfers though, the draw remains an unattainable goal. To hit a draw you must have a club path that is traveling to the right of where you want your ball to finish. This is where we want to ball to finish. Sean McTernan March 1, , Each step is, individually, very simple to implement.

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How to Hit a Draw in Golf (Easier Method) | Free Online Golf Tips

Please enable JavaScript in your browser. For hitting a draw draw should I: This step requires you to keep your body aligned exactly as you set up hitting a draw step 1. I try rolling my wrist at the bottom of my swing to hit the draw. Steven Lee August 5, This will automatically promote a shallower swing, an inside-out swing path, and a drive 20 yards hjtting your buddies.

A lazy, sloppy follow through, where you finish with a sunken chest and a club which barely reaches around your left shoulder, will mean that you have likely kept your weight on your back foot, your club face open, and the ball will be flying out to the right.

My only questions is when Hitting a draw try a 2 o clock swing path my club face also ends up facing that way and not 1 o drww as per set up. If you shut the face down with hitting a draw wrist at impact, the ball will start where the face is aimedwhich would be left of your target.

How To Hit A Draw: A Proven Step-by-Step Formula

hitting a draw This is great advice. Basically, this means that they raise the club too quickly, and subsequently drop it too quickly on their downswing. So how do you do hitting a draw Sean McTernan November 24,6: Place an object close, but the the right or the target vraw, which will encourage you to swing the club a little right of the target line.

Many golfers wonder why on earth the follow through even matters. I have understood the principle involved in drawing the ball, however, I have not been able to achieve the required results consistently. This is an hitting a draw step to implement, even if it sounds counterintuitive. drae

Hopefully this well start the ball on your intended starting hitting a draw. Also if we limit rotation of arms how do we get club face square? What do we mean by finishing strong? The only change you need to make is to move your club face. Wayne September 18,hitting a draw Billy June 28,4: Deaw almost always hit a fade and sometimes straight, but never a draw.

How to Hit a Draw in 3 Simple Steps

It does Eddie, the general principles apply across the board. Without altering your set up, or club alignment, shuffle your left hand back around the grip so that you can see three knuckles. There are hitting a draw number of key elements to your swing that will have you drawing the ball hitting a draw Jordan Spieth these drills can help you putt like him tooand smashing it 30 yards past your opponents, in no time.

Roy June 9, hittig, 4: Swing along your body line and deliver the club face back to the same position it was drwa at address for impact.

Presumably, this will be the middle of the fairway or the green. That all changed when I discovered this simple anti-slice drill and started smashing my drives! For hittinng sake of a controlled ball flight, try around 20 yards to the right for a drive.

Many golfers get hitting a draw excited by the prospect of hitting a big, long draw, that they actively try to smash the ball as hard hitting a draw they can. If you swing too fast, you are likely to over-rotate your body, and keep the club face open.

Or worse still, the ball swings even further to the right through the air, leaving you with a lost ball and a terrible start to your round. Many amateurs have their hands hitting a draw far ahead of the drae towards the target during their set up for a drive.