The computer would automatically detect the best screen resolution for both monitors. One question to the author. Normal security concerns with 2. The on screen virtual keyboard is available as part of Windows 8 operating system, but the virtual keyboard is not really convenient either. So now I have two sets. Operating systems Use this compatibility chart to find out if the Wireless Desktop works with your operating system.

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Normal security concerns with 2. I had to buy leyboard set of keyboard template chiclets and microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 the Fn keys, because I use them extensively for the old games that I play. Received an error regarding the mouse.

The top has a scroll wheel that seems loose — it wobbles a bit. My daughter cleaned the mouse with water and later that died. You can also subscribe without commenting.

See the limited warranty and license agreement. Hi Bob… I wondered about that too.

First off, you need to hit the small blue F Lock key once to microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 in the Fn Key behavior, instead of the menu shortcuts. Try cleaning the battery contacts with a Q-tip soaked with a bit of rubbing alcohol methanol or methylated spirit.

Software Downloads: Wireless Keyboard

Thank you for all of mixrosoft postings. It will let you change the functions for the special keys, and it will give you wirelews microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 to map the five user-macro keys to a string or function. I have the system requirements, what could cause this? Not so with the Wireless Desktop !

Windows 10 bit only. I upgraded from the logitech which was half the cost. Well done, it fixed the problem for me with Windows 8.

At least mine does so my comment is anecdotal at best. Personally i just got this key board and wasnt sure microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 the batterylife. Also, those extra keys on the left are under my left pinkie which used to pretty much hug the left edge of microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 standard keyboard I usually use so that took a bit getting used to.

Could you possibly re-work your wideless

This is a standard 2. He loves the reach of the Wireless Desktop and mouse because kkeyboard can sit on his sofa and control his computer.

Microsoft Desktop 3000 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (UK layout)

If nothing odd happens, download and install the latest intellitype pro software from Microsoft: Oh, and those wonderful special purpose keys? Microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 7 automatically upgraded to ver 8. However, as eireless sticks out of the side of the laptop, it was constantly getting bumped.

As odd as it sounds, no computer peripheral importer not even Microsoft Malaysia were interested in bringing in Microsoft accessories since Windows 10 bit only Windows 10 bit only Windows 8. Then snap it into the bottom of your mouse microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 you travel. Not very happy about that.

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Specs – CNET

Rely on the integrated water channels to capture liquid from accidental spills, saving the quiet, responsive, thin-profile keys. This site uses cookies to deliver our services keynoard to show you relevant ads and job listings.

Your email address will not be published. I find that I have to change batteries about once microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 week in both the keyboard microsoft wireless keyboard 3000 mouse. I tend to research potential purchases to death to avoid returns.