It is navigated using the responsive touch screen. You can also customize the home menu to your preference. I washed it in my pants pocket. It measures just 2. Given the lack of shooting controls, comparing the S01 to a good cell phone camera is more appropriate than putting it head-to-head with competing compact digital cameras. What’s in the box Close What’s in the box.

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Four large icons on the touch screen direct you to all operation and playback functions for both photo and video. As such, the big camera manufacturers are pulling out all the stops in trying nioon find the next big trend to save the market, with Wi-Fi and app-toting cameras now hitting the shelves.

Like a prehistoric stone tool, the Nikon Coolpix S01 is pretty simple in its design. This product is backordered. Directory Pages Search for all the latest nikon coolpix s01 gear and services in our dedicated photography directories. The compact camera market is in a state of flux at nokon moment, thanks to declining sales and the rise of high-spec smartphone doolpix that can take photos of equal or even better quality. Design and Features The S01’s most striking feature is its tiny size.

Nikon coolpix s01 e01 join for free today? Squeeze the shutter release fully and nikon coolpix s01 maximum 10 megapixel file is committed to the internal memory in two to three seconds, the screen momentarily freezing whilst this is completed. But while its size affords great versatility, the ultimate question is whether its limitation of 7.

Take your photography to the next level and beyond…

I washed it in my pants pocket. Your shots coolpix look great—and you can take all the credit. What’s in the box Close What’s in the box. Take it everywhere Imagine an easy to use camera that takes brilliant photos and HD movies and fits your pocket as well as it fits your lifestyle.

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. This nikon coolpix s01 has been archived. The menu system is very simple, with only one shooting nikon coolpix s01 available.

This likely hurt its Imatest sharpness score. The LCD isn’t the most responsive touch screen that I’ve used. So nikon coolpix s01 be interested to discover which compromises niko if any – have been necessary to bring the S01 to market.

In playback you can add filter effects such as toy camera, soft, fisheye, miniature and more. For that we get a huge by digital camera standards 7.

Previous image Enlarge the product image Next image. To set the camera’s shooting options, scroll down bikon this main Home menu and you’ll find options to set the self-timer, flash mode, special effects sepia, high contrast monochrome and nikon coolpix s01 and low-keyexposure compensation, image size and Touch Shooting.

The New Nikon COOLPIX S01 Digital Camera

nikon coolpix s01 It features a K-dot resolution 2. Imatest calculates the final score using a center-weighted algorithm, and some noticeable color fringing and fuzziness on the leftmost and rightmost two columns of our 9-column test chart definitely brought the overall score down.

Get it for yourself and enjoy a perfect coolpjx of form and function, or give it as a gift and nikon coolpix s01 your recipient marvel at its uniqueness.

We take a number of shots and then use the average to ensure accurate and consistent tests, making it easy to compare with other cameras.

Enhance your images with unique artistic expression by applying one of the High key, Low key, Nostalgic sepia or High-contrast monochrome Special effects when shooting pictures or movies.

It is navigated using the responsive touch screen. Visit the Luminar web site to try it for free. Join for Free Your total photography experience starts here. Sometimes the camera lets you select a point on nikon coolpix s01 to focus and meter, but other nimon it will only focus in the center of the frame.

nikon coolpix s01

Nikon | Imaging Products | Product Archive – COOLPIX S01

When the moment strikes, pull it out, catch the action and then show it off, along with the beautiful photos or videos you nikon coolpix s01 shot. You may contact Nikon directly at: Imatest is also used to check for image noise at each ISO setting. Select a Model Silver