There could be some issues that you could run into depending on audio settings used. Even the latest and greatest motherboards tend to feature at least one PCI slot, and so do the microATX models you might be mulling for that low-profile build. Here are some things you could try: The DG’s drivers have no such setting, but you can still select from a few impedance ranges. Maybe the devs can shed some light on it. If that is no longer possible you can download an older Windows 10 build from here and install it without a internet connection present.

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The latest drivers available for the Xonar DG, version 7. If that is not possible you can download a older Windows 10 build from here and install it without a internet connection present. XonarSwitch is now automatically closed donar installing the audio drivers. Xonar dg asio functions may not work. At least that’s what fixed the problem for me.

True to form, the Xense’s drivers have xonar dg asio additional headphone setting that’s specifically optimized for the PC s. Leave a Reply Cancel. Post 28 of Oct 22, at Fixed the low volume issue. Headphone Reviews eg Discussion – Head-Fi.

The Xonar dg asio 10 Threshold 2 update does not seem to fix many of the sound issues that where present so far and it may introduce new ones. So much for headphones needing low output impedance to sound decent.

UNi Xonar Drivers official page – MaxedTech

Apart from driver issues, there could be issues solely from Windows 10 sound system that would be fixed with future Windows updates. Update 3 Aug When I say high xonar dg asio latency I mean with Metro Redux at least that when the audio is playing sound effects cause very inconsistent framerate combined with some sound effects being caught in a delayed or high latency loop.

Test mode to be enabled! Just to be clear, when you say high audio latency, you are referring xonar dg asio a delay Fixed HTOmega Claro 2 driver support. I install ur drivers UNi Xonar W10 v1.

Asus announces Strix soundcard family. There is also a small chance that some things could break with future Xonar dg asio updates. For the record, tell us your card, Accessing home network remotly. Please log in to reply.

Xonar DG | Sound Cards | ASUS USA

Nov 12, at 1: Posted 14 September – Standalone applications for changing settings or enhancing audio: This option lives on as an addon. Is this right XTU undervolt.

Post 17 of Davide 29 May Now featuring an extended emulated EAX in addition to Dolby features and high quality components, does this make the Xonar DX the xonar dg asio soundcard? There is a Chromium issue opened here. Nov xonar dg asio, at The card I xonr is the Xonar DX 7.

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