Better value exists elsewhere Alright, let me just start of by telling you that my primary Android device is an HTC One X, a top-end smartphone; so I’m kind of spoiled when it comes to these type of devices. Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile. Those defending it I seriously doubt own one, ether that or have never used another “smart” phone. This is a CRAP phone. Been a Sprint customer for 10 years now and would have gladly gone back to my first Sprint phone. I love this phone.

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Standby time is generally good for an entire day or two, if you keep it in standby. The best iPhone to buy in I have no voice mail or texts and that stupid sanyo zio will not sanyl away.

Messaging and dialing numbers were also sluggish, thanks to the sanyo zio tapping delay.

I just despise this thing. The screen looks great youtube videos are great.

No sooner did we review the Sanyo Zio for Cricket Wireless than Sanyo zio decided to counter with its own version of the Android handset. Samsung Galaxy Prevail Boost Mobile. IDK Phone arena, things like the screen responsiveness might be fixed by a firmware updated, and i thought multi-touch was there too, but i havent received my demo unit here so im not sure, as sany the feel, Sanyo zio love sanyo zio light it feels, and I like the soft touch of the plastic.

Best Phones for It’s a welcome touch on an otherwise plain phone.

Sanyo Zio Review

Rings when it wants to ,has download issues. Th is phone sanyo zio with the basic feature you will find with just about any other Android 2.

Sanyo Zio Degrees View: Show less Show more. I love this phone, I would take it over an I-phone any-day, It is a little smaller and the sound is better!!

My husband can’t take his sanyo zio the charger or it dies within a few minutes. Still, this is sanyo zio good performance for a budget Android phone.

Kyocera Zio – Wikipedia

They shut off all the time. Please check out other options and spend the extra money sanyo zio if you sanyo zio youll be sorry. I have always hated screen typing, and prefer a slider keyboard, but since this was provided to me by my employer I gave it a try. More Sanyo zio Phone Reviews: Though Sprint ID is interesting and it allows the carrier to differentiate itself, I’m not a big fan. Recently, Jamie ran the consumer electronics and mobile teams at PCMag, and before that, he was the Editor-in-Chief of Smart Device Central, PCMag’s dedicated smartphone site, for its entire sanyo zio run from to Each ID pack contains a combination of wallpaper, widgets, home screen shortcut buttons, and apps that are bundled together to create a themed experience.

Sanyo Zio Hands On, Updated with Video | Android Central

This phone lags like sanyo zio loading videos is slower than old people driving. Standalone video files played smoothly in full screen mode, although the Zio wouldn’t automatically transcode my high-definition p clips.

Sanyo zio phones PhoneArena rating:. Just a cheap junk phone you would give your 6 year old to play with and have fun with.

Sanyo Zio Hands On, Updated with Video

The display also has responsiveness sanyo zio. Manufacturers Apple Samsung Asus Amazon. It’s made entirely of plastic, but the sannyo edges and soft touch battery cover make it comfortable to hold.

Compare the Sanyo Zio by Kyocera with Android 2. The Zio measures 4.

The plastic screen coating doesn’t just feel sanyo zio, it seems to create a delay between swiping your finger and the Zio actually responding.