Mon Nov 03, 7: I already had a Ultra card on that same slot to which was connected the original GB I had. Thanx for the suggestions, Dennis. Have you tried the new card with one drive as a plain old IDE channel rather then raided? I have partitioned the array total GB into some 5 or 6 partitions. I’d start with the card in the PCI slot furthest from the cpu. I mean just connecting one HD to the raid card?

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I already had a Ultra card on fasttrak tx2000 same slot to which was connected the original GB I had. Glad I could help.

Promise FastTrak TX2000 Controller Review

I suppose that is the tx200 thing as making SCSI boot as the last option??? Doing RAID 0 in software really isn’t a big deal. Tue Nov 04, 1: Will try when i get home. What I am asking is did I just blow away cash on fasttrak tx2000 fasttrak card instead of relying on just the OS? Posting Guidelines Contact Fasttrak tx2000.

Here is the story: Yes, I have read many reviews which say that there really isnt much of a difference both in the data thruput and CPU utilitization. Fasttrak tx2000 two GB’s are both set as masters on fasttrak tx2000 channels i.

Promise Fast Trak TX – Fast and Secure: A Comparison of Eight RAID Controllers

Neither here nor there Registered: Try moving the Fasttrack card to a different PCI slot. I was thinking of upgrading the fasttrak bios – since fasttrak tx2000 hangs even before loading windows. Windows and your bios will view the card as a scsi device. I fasttrak tx2000 tell you why technically fasttrak tx2000 is tx200 I just know it’s worked for me. I bought a TX raid card during the weekend. Oct 8, Posts: Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. If it runs without any hiccups over the week I will assume that it is ok otherwise I will look for other solutions during the weekend.

I havent specified any SCSI boot option at all. However, I have tried the following: Fasttrak tx2000 bit of info: Hope it’s ok now.

Feb 2, Posts: It goes without saying that I am keeping my fingers crossed. Updating the BIOS also speeds up the boot fasttrak tx2000 a lot. I suppose if it is possible the raid card will act just like a Ultra or Ultra To invoke a relevant question: When Fasttrak tx2000 boot there are a multitude of errors I encounter, each a different time.

Tue Nov 04, 7: And yes if you don’t specify a raid configuration it should allow you to use it as another IDE controller. But I would like to hear user experiences first hand. Thanx for the fasttrak tx2000, Dennis.

Need some help regarding boot problems with TX They are not boot disks.